Kannon Gathering

It is held once a month. People gather and pray, practice reading some sutra, and enjoy communicating with each other. A small bite of Japanese sweets is served with tea. The photo shows the sweet which was served in July. It is green tea jelly with bean paste and soy flour.

Zazen Practice (Meditation)

Zazen is one of the practice for attaining the calm state of mind through sitting with a right posture. It is held 3rd Saturday morning and the last Thursday morning every month. They sit for 40 minuets and read the “Heart ofthe Perfection of Great Wisdom Sutra”.

Kannon Festival

It is held every 3rd Sunday of November. A tablet-like kannon drawing (costs 1000 yen)
is given to a visitor so that he/she can take it home and look at it and pray at home.

Akiba Festival

It is held every 1st Sunday of Decemberas an event of local committee. Akiba is agod of fire and there being heldceremonies to pray for safety from fi re allover in Seto city. It is importanttraditional event for being the area ofpottery.

Dai(Big) Hannya

It is a New Year’s big event held everyJanuary 12th. It is to wish for the temple’sand people’s good luck, health, safety andeverything for the new year


It is a memorial service for the Buddha. Itis held every February because theBuddha passed away on February 16th.We hang a traditional painting of theBuddha laid, with all his followers and theanimals in sorrow. The length of thepainting is about 3 meters.